Sunday, 30 December 2012

Intro: Tea is Liquid Wisdom


What is Tea Talk about?


This Blog is dedicated to all of my thoughts and musings about life and its many twists and turns. As I embark on this great journey of life I realise there are so many things to discover, investigate, discuss, and enjoy... and I want to share all of these with you. Lets open up discussion about all things in one space. I mean ALL things. Atheism and theism in one; politics and conflict; school or lack there of; social paradigms; beauty and its ugly consequences; ugliness and the beauty within it; Carl Jung and the shadow; Frued and sexuality; relationships and creativity; health and the many debates around what's good or bad; and of course Tea versus Coffee ( clearly I am in favour of the former; however, the latter has its benefits and blessings too. ) Let's discuss the ways in which our world provides us with opportunities for unity rather than division, let's enjoy variety instead of using it as a divisive tool. Let's discuss this over some tea!

It is my personal goal to post different topics every week or so and express what I see as truth within in these many arenas. I will also be posting the odd picture I am working on as an artist and encourage feedback on these works as well. Keep in mind I will not only be discussing serious issues but also the more frivolous and enjoyable topics too. How could one ever appreciate the finer things in life if their eyes have not been cast in the direction of the darkness that exists in the world. So the two go hand in hand, one cannot be known without the other? or can they? Perhaps a more philosophical debate could be later derived from this thought.
What I write about are my own thoughts and what I feel is true but they may not be true to you and so I invite you to comment if you so desire.

Why Tea Leaves?

Tea leaves allude to the reading of ones fortune using the tea leaves found at the bottom of a cup after consumption. This is also known as Tasseomancy. I bring this up because I have recently delved into the world of spiriuality which has helped me to see myself and the world in a new light. It is a truly benefitial and core moving perspective and practice (as I believe all things to be.. which is a whole other topic of discussion). I wanted to share my epiphanies and realizations with you regarding this way of living. The tea leaves are relavant because the domain of spirituality encourages the development of pshycic knowing and understanding. It is also closely tied in with psychology and personal growth. It really is personal growth at the core. But I digress...
I hope that you enjoy my readings and if you don't I am equally as glad that you took anytime at all to visit my blog.

May you always be allowed to speak your own truth and not have that hurt anyone around you or have the words of others hurt you either.


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